Wine Tasting Terms

a list of the terms and catch phrases for those in the know and those who want to know the world of all things wine

Acidity- A component of wine, tartaric acid, which naturally occurs in grapes.

Big - Wines that are very full or very intense.

Crisp - A wine that feels clean in your mouth as a result of high acidity.

Decant/Decanting - pouring wine from one container to another.

Dry - A wine that is not sweet.

Earthy - Dirt-like, but not in a bad way.

Finish - Aftertaste; the final impression a wine gives after you have swallowed it.

Skin Contact - The process in which the juice of the grapes rests in contact with the grape skins.

Tannin - Substance in the skin, seeds, and stems of the grapes as well as a component of oak barrels. The pucker factor.


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