strong tower vineyard and winery

The Strong Tower Vineyard & Winery is a certified Florida Farm Winery. Four carefully chosen grape varieties comprise the wines they have created. Each grape variety was chosen for it own unique flavors and characteristics.

These grapes include Blanc du Bois, Norton, and two Muscadine grapes named Ison and Carlos.

You will enjoy your walk to the vineyard when you visit.

The vineyard is open for "U-Pick" in harvest season. This is fun to do, and the grapes are so delicious right off the vine.

All of the wines are estate grown and produced. This means that from the beginning with the grapes in the vineyard to the finished labeled bottle, everything is done on the property.

Among the types of wine produced here are whites, reds and blush wines ranging from dry to sweeter.

Strong Tower Vineyard wines have won top awards in a recent eleven country International Wine Competition.

All of their wines are natural and low in sulphites.

Your visit will include a complimentary tasting in the winery and a tour of the processing room.

The winery store carries wine accessories and gifts in addition to all of their wines.

They can also accommodate private party tastings or other events like birthdays, anniversaries or music recitals.

There is also an nice veranda where you can sit and enjoy your wine and the country view.


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