florida orange groves winery

Florida Orange Groves Winery is a family owned business in the South Pasadena area of the busy St. Petersburg, Florida metro region.

The company got its start packing and shipping fresh citrus in the early 1970's.

They gradually grew the business over the years to include retail sales of fresh citrus juice and an associated gift shop.

The family began developing their unique wines made from citrus in 1991, and opened the winery in 1997.

They now produce wines from key limes, mango, pink grapefruit and many other citrus fruits and berries.

They are also one of the few Florida wines presented at Disney’s Epcot International Food and Wine Festival held each year beginning in October.

Florida Orange Groves Winery currently produces 43 different types ofpremium tropical fruit wines all of which are gluten free.

All of their premium specialty tropical, berry and citrus wines are made 100% from the juice indicated on the label.

These are not fusion or blended grape wines, but 100% pure tropical fruit wines.

It can take upwards of nine pounds of fruit to produce one bottle of wine.

Each individual variety of our wine tastes like the juice that it is made from.

They are set up for buying wine online, and also have a free wine tasting bar.

The gift shop is reminiscent of the old Stuckey roadside shops of years ago in the south, replete with souvenirs.


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