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My first memories of a bottle of Chianti take me back to my all time favorite Italian restaurant while having dinner with my mom. I was too young at the time to imbibe at the time, but was always awe struck of this bottle wrapped part way with straw, the basket bottle.

Such a pretty bottle that would later become a decorative accessory as a candle holder with multiple colors of wax dripping down the sides. Ahh, the 70's.

Many different versions of Chianti exist, from very light bodied wines to rather intense, full bodied wines.

This wine pairs well with all things Italian of course, but even more so, it is a go to red summer wine. Cabernets and Merlots can wait until the weather turns a bit cooler.

Depending on the region in which the wine is made and the producer of the wine, accounting for the variability of styles, it may range from delicate to rich tasting. Produced in the region of the same name, it is made predominantly from the red Sangiovese grape, though other red and white varieties may be included.

Light bodied inexpensive Chianti wines pair well with the lighter fare of summer.

Chianti is not overly "alcohol-y". Chianti Classico is fantastic with grilled ribeye's or New York strips on a hot summer day. Great with grilled burgers too! Grillin' and chillin' as I refer to it.

And of course, there is the Italian connection too as it also pairs very well with pizza on a Friday night after a long work week. Why heat up the kitchen on a 90 degree summer day when dinner can come to you. Grab a glass, the pizza and enjoy!



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