Best Sweet Red Wine

Not ready for the big bold flavors of Cab Sav or Merlot?

Are most red wines too dry for your taste?

Perhaps a sweet red wine is right up your alley!

Red wines are most notable for their big, bold, dry intensity. While they are full of flavor and richness, not everybody appreciated their dryness which is the opposite of sweet.

Those making the switch from white wines to red may find that a sweet red wine helps ease the transition.

Sweet red wines are different than ice wines, dessert wines and port, all of which are sweet but have their own unique characteristics.

Sweet red wines are not as bold as their drier counterparts, have mellower characteristics and are enjoyable to most white wine drinkers.

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One of the best available today is not only an award winner, but is it also a boxed wine.

Scoring a whopping 84 points (that's a very good) at the 2012 Ultimate Wine Challenge, Black Box's Sweet Red is a winner.

Easy drinking, with flavors of juicy red fruits and chocolate make this one enjoyable wine.

best sweet red wine

Jam Jar is a sweet red wine from South Africa. Blueberries, blackberries, raspberries with a subtle hint of chocolate. About $13 a bottle.

Both Sutter Home and Barefoot make a wine titled very simply Sweet Red. These wines are available at most supermarkets and are very reasonable priced at under $10.

Some of the best sweet red wines need not break the bank. Some are blends containing different varietals, and others are a single varietal with a higher sugar content than most reds.

Either way, a sweet red wine served chilled can be the perfect accompaniment to lighter foods and just might be the encouragement to take a step towards the traditional reds.

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