Best Box Wines

Afraid to try box wines?

What are the best box wines?

How do they stack up to their bottled counterparts?

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The stigma of having a boxed wine in the fridge and actually liking the wine has long since passed. Wine makers today are turning the boxed wine in an effort to produce a "green product". More environmentally friendly for them and you means more at a lesser cost. Taste and aroma are not compromised in the least.

Boxed wine is usually equivalent to about four bottles of the traditionally packaged nectar of the grape.

Refrigeration is not necessary which is great news for those that enjoy their reds at room temp.

Stay fresh packaging insures that the last glass tastes as great as the first.

A best boxed wine buy at $4.50 is the wine cube from Target.

The Pinot Grigio has big fruit flavors including banana and pear with intense acidity.

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Another winner from Target is the Cabernet-Shiraz Cube.

A mixture of jammy red and black fruit intertwined with big vanilla wafer notes. Slightly bitter. About $5.

Black Box Wines are award winners and consumer favorites. These wines are available in a box and also tetra packs, which makes them uber convenient for the on the go wine lover.

Black Box Cabernet Sauvignon.

Spicy cinnamon and black currant flavors warmed by vanilla and toasty oak. A curl up on the couch with a good book wine.

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For the sweet white wine lover, Black Box offers up a wonderful award winning Riesling.

Ripe apricots, peach, honey and vanilla round out this crisp, clean best boxed wine.

Boxed wines have a lot to offer if your willing to give them a try. The investment is minimal, the packaging earth friendly, and who knows, you might just find a new favorite. Most are readily available at superstores and grocery stores, no wine bottle opener needed, travel friendly packaging which makes them great for tailgaters, and they taste good!

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