Keeping Wine Simple....Seriously!

Keeping it simple…seriously!

Easy, straightforward, and fun.

That’s what life with wine, red or white, should be about.

Have you ever wanted to learn more about wine?

Not sure where to start?

Wondered what all the "buzz" is about?

Perhaps you have a friend or significant other who enjoys wine and want to learn more about what the big attraction is but aren’t sure where to start because it seems so overwhelming.

Wine bars are popping up just about everywhere these days and maybe you’re a bit intimidated because you don’t know where to start and think wine tasting is for those in the know.

We strive to be the ultimate Keep It Seriously Simple wine guide to enhance your experience and enjoy a glass of the grape.

“Wine makes daily living easier, less hurried, with fewer tensions and more tolerance.”

-Benjamin Franklin

What I want to know is what tastes good with wings, pizza and grilled burgers and steak. Wine snobs we are not. Wine for real folks, yup the average everyday Joe. Wine doesn’t have to be a mystery anymore.

Maybe you’ve heard that reds go with beef and whites go with chicken or fish.We are here to bust a few myths too.

There are no rules, drink what you like!

If wine is something you truly enjoy, we’ll show how to branch out and take chances and think out of the box, or maybe in the box with enjoyable boxed wines.



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Red or White

This is the basic decision that most people make. Choosing a red or white wine is pretty much the starting when looking for new wines for your particular taste. While both wine can offer a"full bodied" taste, it is important to understand the basic differences between red and white wines.

Red wines usually have more of a dark fruit taste. These are fruits such as strawberries, cherries, blueberries, and even a cranberry flavor component.

White wines have a higher acidity level, rightly so as they usually embody the citrus flavors of lemon, lime, and grapefruit. These wines are more tropical in their bouquet and have a much lighter persona to them. The white wines also come with a little more oak flavor, as they tend to pick up the flavor of the barrel they were aged in.

Do you want to dig a little deeper? Then head over to Wine Education 101.

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